5 Motivations You Need to Start Blogging in 2021!

Why Blog in 2021?

Have you ever dealt with a nagging voice in your head reminding you that you are doing absolutely nothing to chase your dreams? Does this nagging voice tell you, “Time is running out! You can’t do it! It’s just a stupid dream. Let it go,”? If you have, you are not alone. #YANA

Since I was a little girl, in first grade, I wanted to write. Adults would ask my classmates what they wanted to be when they grew up. The typical answers were all shouted out fanatically until a lowly little Latina said, “I want to be a writer when I grow up!” 😊 The excitement left the room as if someone farted, and silence clouded over. The teacher and students waited as if they expected me to say, “Syke! You just got Punk’d” (I’m not Ashton Kutcher, smh), but nothing came out. My smile went away, and they carried on. They were later surprised by my commitment to my dream when I won a writing contest and had my short story published in the local newspaper, at just 8-years-old baby!

Fast forward to eighth grade. A guidance counselor tells me that I won’t make any money as a writer, and I should consider other career alternatives. As the rebellious goth eighth-grader that I was, I told her I didn’t care. I only wanted to write. Throughout the rest of my academic years in public school, I was continuously discouraged from the dream of becoming a writer.

How many teachers do you think you’ll have throughout high school? Considering every subject taught and every grade, you’ll undoubtedly have more than 20 different teachers. Out of the possible over twenty teachers I had in school, only three encouraged my dream. Those teachers were my art teacher, my English teacher from my freshman year to my senior year, and lastly, my creative writing teacher. (Do you notice a pattern? They were all creatives!) These three teachers somehow dug into my core, and believe me, that’s super hard to do. I’m a rock 🌚🤘. They took the time to notice the desire I hid deep within me to be a creative person, and they encouraged it out of me.

I wish to do the same for you, my friend. It took me fifteen years to actualize some form of my dream. In those fifteen years, it felt like torture to work in anything else that hadn’t anything to do with writing. I worked as a high school Spanish teacher, an elementary school Librarian Assistant, a Third-grade substitute teacher, a Vet assistant, a pharmacist assistant, a dog walker, a barista, a server, and a bartender. I was even a door-to-door salesperson in college at one point. I’ve tried EVERY form of a job. I used to excuse it as, “Hey, I need to pay rent. I need to make money.” I never actually considered that I adopted the same attitude as those who discouraged me because I was afraid to try.

I was afraid to go after what I have always wanted, what I held in the hollow of my heart with the whisper, “one day I will…” I was afraid I would fail at what I love so much. That fear, my friends, that one is cancer, a thief, only here to kill and destroy.

In this recent year of 2020, forced to sit with me, I started reading quotes, and before I knew it, these quotes seriously took up arms and combated my fear. Or, at least, in reading them, they opened my eyes to understand the following truths:

  1. It is never too late or too early to start anything! There are so many fantastic success stories out there from people of any and every age! Here are some examples:
    1. Vera Wang did not become a designer until age 40.
    2. Samuel Jackson did not begin his acting career until he was 43.
    3. Anna Mary Robertson Moses, aka Grandma Moses, began her painting career at the beautiful age of 78!
    4. Nandi Bushell, a 9-year-old female drummer! At the time of writing this post, who is having an epic drum battle with Dave Grohl! Drummer of Nirvana, heart-throb of the Foo Fighters! She is hands down “Rock Goddess” to me. (Follow her on Instagram @nandi_bushell)
    5. Caine Monroy is a 9-year-old male business owner. He owns an arcade in Los Angeles, California, “Caine’s Arcade.”
    6. Varun Agarwal is currently a 33-year-old male entrepreneur who published a book and co-founded three start-ups before 25.
  2. Ignoring or neglecting the desires of your heart is a great disservice to you! Even if that desire was from infancy. It’s not childish. Honestly, I believe that children (especially after working as a teacher) are the purest forms of themselves before the muck of society molds them to fit societies needs. BUT WHAT ABOUT THEIR NEEDS? I became inspired recently when a friend said on her birthday, “My thirties are going to be about giving 13-year-old me what she wanted.” I sat and thought, what did 13-year-old me want? She wanted to write. What did (or does) 13-year-old you want?
  3. Do snowflakes compete with each other when they fall from the sky and blanket the earth? Realize that you are different. Your voice is different. You may want to write about the same things other bloggers do and feel discouraged because they already did. My love, like a snowflake, each one of us is so different. When I was about to start my blog, I read many blogs in my desired “niche.” I was so discouraged when I read that this blogger went through a challenging life situation similar to mine (college dropout, worked as a server for years, etc.); it made me feel that the struggles I thought made me unique aren’t. That simply is not true. This blogger’s voice reached me (and remember that’s hard to do 🤘). I should rejoice at the similarities (again, #YANA), be encouraged or inspired by them, but never defeated.
  4. Living with the guilt of not giving yourself a chance to chase your dreams is far worse than trying and failing. I got tired. TIRED! Of suppressing my desire to write. Of telling myself I’m not good enough, I lost my chance, it will never happen. I exhausted all my energy in beating myself up every day for not going after what I sincerely wanted and for intensely wanting it in the first place. Enough was enough; I had to decide what would be worse? If I can reflect on my life the day I die, what would I regret the most? It’s not going to be having kissed a couple of frogs dressed like a prince, and it is not going to be not having taken that vacation. It’s not the things you think you would later regret. When you look back, the biggest regrets are the situations in which you denied yourself over and over again. It’s more than likely going to be the situations in which you were your worst enemy to yourself or your loved ones that will not allow you peace or rest.
  5. There is always space for newcomers. With the immense amount of folx blogging, influencing, and freelancing, one would think there is no space for oneself to start. So. Not. True. I had to realize I have a different story, similar to some, but different. The world is moving toward more online work, more online engagement, and more online progression. There will always be a need to fill jobs in all of those areas.

So who cares if it’s 2021?! It would be best if you cared more about being true to who you are and who you want to be than what the date is.

All of these lessons came from being open to what these quotes teach us. The first one broke the mold for me. After that, there was no more denying myself.

The risk of moving toward your dreams is much lower than the slow, everyday punishment you inflict on yourself by suppressing your dreams.

– Mel Robbins

One day. Or day one. You decide.

Which do you want- the pain of staying where you are or the pain of growth?

Your biggest fear should be never giving yourself a chance at becoming the person you believe you can become.

– Lisa Nichols

The following quote from Nina Simone resonated with me even though I am not a musician. I am an artist, so it was fitting.

Music is an art and art has its own rules. And one of them is that you must pay more attention to it than anything else in the world, if you are going to be true to yourself. And if you don’t do it- and you are an artist- it punishes you.

-Queen Nina Simone

If your dream lights you up like fireworks on Independence Day, then why deny yourself? Learn that you are enough, worth it, and go after what you want relentlessly and bravely. Note that I did not say go fearlessly after your dreams because fear is a tool you can use. Harness it to propel you forward, not backward. Fear can be a guiding wind, or it can throw you off course. Learn about your fear and how to use it for you.

Do you have any quotes that motivate you? Are you thinking of starting a blog or a project? How do you overcome fear? I’d love to know what your thoughts are. Please drop me an answer in the comments below!

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