Experience The Republic of Ireland: A Visual Guide

Road-tripping throughout the coastal route of the island of Ireland may not be your typical idea for a honeymoon, but to my husband, Carey, and myself that was where we found ourselves the weeks following our wedding.

Our adventure first began in Belfast, Northern Ireland where we rented a car and took off on the Causeway Coastal Route. A route that later dropped down into The Republic of Ireland. We were en route out of Derry – County Londonderry going into Strabane or exiting Strabane when we stopped for gas and were told that the currency of Pounds was not accepted. That was when we knew we were now in The Republic of Ireland.

With only a paper map to guide our way, from the border we pressed on!

Driving out of Northern Ireland
Driving out of Northern Ireland through Derry, County Londonderry, Northern Ireland and then though Strabane, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland.

Irish Countryside

While in the Republic of Ireland we spent most of our time on the countryside, hiking and camping.

Our first friend.

We found a sheep skull while hiking.

Hiking in the countryside, County Cork, Republic of Ireland

Outside the city of Galway, Republic of Ireland.

Farmer’s market in the countryside.

Camping in Eagle’s Point, Bantry, Republic of Ireland.

Shopping in Kilkenny, Republic of Ireland.

Priest’s Leap, County Cork.

The location Priest’s Leap, according to the legend, is a miraculous place. One day a priest on a horse was preaching to a crowd of people. As crowds tend to do, this crowd grew and grew. The priest, without realizing his horse inching back every time people inched closer, leaped from the top of this mountain to the bottom! The fall should have killed the priest and his horse. They survived! People say there is still an imprint of the horse’s feet where they landed.

Priest’s Leap in County Cork.

The cross of Priest’s Leap. County Cork. Location of where the priest leaped.

The cross of Priest’s Leap.

Hope you folx enjoyed the visual walk through of the not-often seen places. If you’d like to see more from our trip to Ireland check out my post on Northern Ireland and my post entirely dedicated to the Cliff’s of Moher.

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