How To Stay Safe During Your Travels To Brazil

How To Stay Safe During Your Travels To Brazil

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Have you wanted to travel to Brazil, but you are afraid whether or not it’s safe? Have you wondered how most tourists stay safe during their travels to Brazil? How about wondering how the locals stay safe in Brazil?

I got you!

This quick guide on how to stay safe during your travels to Brazil are excellent tips for traveling anywhere, not just in Brazil.

I’ll walk you through some travel tips on safety that I learned during my visits to Brazil. Also, some of these tips come from my father, a born and raised Brazilian.

His tips are soaked in a worried father lens, so I figured they might be useful for anyone! Plus! He’s a local, so he knows the scoop on how to stay safe anywhere in Brazil!

Safety Travel Tips From Meu Pai

Meu Pai, Portuguese for “my father,” likes to say, “do not wear white when traveling to Brazil.” So what’s wrong with white, you ask?

Dad says those who wear white and can keep the white clean have money in Brazil. So, those searching for someone to rob will be searching for the cleanliness of white clothes or shoes. But, dad says, white shoes in Brazil especially mean you have money.

My suggestion would be to avoid wearing white, and if you must wear white, an off-white or cream-colored item will do!

Dad also suggests that to avoid being robbed, carry your possessions on your person. More specifically, if you can carry your stuff in your front pockets, it is safer than carrying a purse. Especially a purse that is easily snatchable. One shoulder strap purses are easily snatchable, try cross-body purses and keep them higher on your body, not lower.

The next travel tip dad likes to say is a no-brainer: “Don’t trust strangers!” This is especially true when traveling to another country! People may seem friendly, but remember that some people are only friendly to get you to put your guard down.

Driving in Brazil

In Brazil, it is expected, but not too frequently, that when you park your car, someone will often walk up to you and offer to look after and protect your car while you are away. No matter what, take their offer and pay them! It’s common to pay under 5 Reales. Why?

When I visited my father in Brazil at sixteen years old, we went to a restaurant our first night there, and a kid came up to my dad after we got out of the car. This kid offered to watch my dad’s car and protect it from vandalism. I watched my father accept and pay the kid.

Inside the restaurant, I asked my father why he did that. He informed me that these kids purposefully looked for someone who would deny them because if you denied them, they would ensure the vandalism of your vehicle. So stay safe out there and pay them!

Another safety tip for driving in Brazil, is that no matter the temperature, drive with your windows up! However, do not drive with your windows all the way down.

According to my father, there are incidents where if you are at a stop sign or red light, with your windows down, you run the risk of someone pulling up on you with any weapon to steal your car and/or belongings.

This sounds scary, I know. However, it is avoidable by keeping your windows up and not staying at a stop sign for too long. I’m not saying don’t stop! But be cautious!

It is common to not stay stopped at red lights in Brazil, and you would not get in trouble for this.

Brazil is as safe and dangerous as anywhere else.

After reading all this, you’re probably wondering, is travel to Brazil even safe?

The answer is yes, it can be safe, and yes, it cannot be safe, just like anywhere else. However, I want you to be fully informed about what to look for.

Just a few more safety travel tips!

My number 1 advice on how to stay safe while traveling in Brazil would be, to be on constant alert!

  • Don’t let your guard down.
  • Don’t easily trust people approaching you randomly (except those who offer to protect your car! As mentioned above).
  • Don’t flash your money, jewelry, or expensive equipment in public.

Now let’s talk about where to put/hide your personal belongings. If you cannot carry things in your front pocket, I have a few suggestions of what you can do to feel safer while traveling to Brazil.

Invest in a scarf with a hidden pocket. It’s one of the best ways to carry your phone, passport, and money. Below I have linked two different types of scarves that have hidden pockets.

I have the black one and used it in my travels to Ireland. It was so helpful!

Or! If you’re thinking “what the hell Sabrina?! Brazil’s summers are too hot for scarves!” I got you!

How ’bout a bum bag or cross-body bag for your travels? They’re stylish and comfy, and they’ll keep your possessions in front of you. But, of course, if it clasps in the back, you’ll have to be mindful of that.

How do you stay safe during your travels? Let me know below in the comments!

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